How NYC Moving Businesses Use Infographic Marketing

With any marketing campaign, digital or otherwise, one of the keys is to create something that people will share. The less you can pay for people to view your content and engage with your business, the lower you can keep your overhead costs and the more profit you can generate.

Content marketing is the king in this space. The long-term effects of a good content marketing strategy have been studied and analyzed for several years and have been proven to be one of the best ways to create backlinks and generate consistent traffic for your website.


One of the best tools for content marketing? Infographics.

An infographic is nothing more than a visual representation and discussion of a specific concept. Instead of creating long-form paragraphs that encourage people to skim and not engage with, infographics create a visually engaging and creative way to communicate something that can be difficult to explain otherwise.

Best Infographics from NYC Companies


Abacus, a tech startup based in New York City, has a great example of infographics being utilized in their content marketing strategy. Nearly every technology company has a blog of some kind for SEO purposes, but Abacus created a very well done infographic to explain how various tech startups use their funding. It’s informative; it’s visually appealing, but also has share buttons placed conveniently next to the graphics to allow users to share it at will.

Dumbo Moving

Dumbo Moving is another great example. Since New York City is an especially transient city, Dumbo has loads of data not only on where people are moving to (within NYC), but also where they are moving to as they leave as well. Rather than compile all of this into a simple blog post, they created a highly engaging infographic to show the top five zip codes people move to and move from.

Imperial Movers

Another NYC mover, Imperial Movers (site), recently launched an infographic campaign with infographics showcasing various neighborhoods around the city. These infographics are intended to help people moving to New York City who may need more information about a particular area. Information includes demographics, transportation information, average housing costs, landmarks, and our favorite, a “locals love” section that lists the area’s top bars, restaurants, fitness studios, and coffee shops.

Infographic Benefits

Stretch Marketing Spend

An effective infographic can go a long way in creating and maintaining a fantastic customer relationship, but can also stretch your advertising dollars far beyond the consumers you contact directly, bringing in thousands of eyeballs to a website page that would not have found you otherwise.

Better Response Rates

On average, infographics have a read rate 30x higher than text articles, a 40% better response as well. Furthermore, sites that publish infographics on a regular basis grow in traffic by 12% higher than those who do not. Where did I get that information? From an infographic.

With 12 million blog posts published every day, it can be tough to separate yourself from the crowd, especially when you consider that the difference in click-rate from the first to the second result on Google is a whopping 24%. It’s no longer important to simply be on the first page of Google; you now have to be number one for your keyword to reach the most amount of people.

What could you do with 12% more traffic on your site? How would your potential customer base grow if it was read 30x more than your text? The time and expense that go into creating an infographic are minimal compared to the potential impact it could have on your business, and on your bottom line.