How Has the Internet Changed Traditional Marketing

The modern age has instilled society with a variety of gadgets and technological marvels that have changed how we live, eat, play and do business. The Internet has revolutionized how we communicate, which directly affects how companies market their products and services to customers. Whether one is affiliated with a multinational conglomerate or spearheading a small business from home, hosting an effective marketing campaign is essential to success. Here are just a few ways the internet has transformed traditional marketing and how you can get the benefits for your entrepreneurial ventures.



In a bygone era, word of mouth used to be one of the key ways people got their information. While marketing advertisements in newspapers and magazines would abound, people would often rely on data collected from friends, family, and co-workers. Today, the Internet has made acquiring information not only easy but fast. You don’t have to wait for news about a particular product by going to the store, and if you see your friend wearing cute shoes, you don’t even have to ask her where she got them.

The web allows anyone to access information about a company and its line of products in an instant. This instant information allows consumers to stay notified about their favorite products at every moment of the day. Merchants can capitalize on the speed of online marketing by generating hype in advance of releases and offering pre-orders on highly anticipated products.


The Internet has broken a lot of barriers between merchants and consumers. Before, marketing internationally was a tactic reserved for very large companies, but now even the quaintest businesses can reach customers overseas. The Internet has given companies the opportunity to travel vast distances without having to leave their doors.

Since advertisements and promotional content can be sent virtually, a business can connect with audiences across the globe without sacrificing mileage or even paper in the mail. If your company is in a particular niche market, it’s possible to get a more extensive audience by sending virtual correspondence world wide.


Before the onslaught of the digital age, marketing was thought of as a mostly passive aspect of a company’s business plan. The Internet has allowed merchants and product developers to interact with their consumer base more directly through social media and correspondence through text and email.

In the current business world, establishing a web presence is the rule rather than the exception, and many customers prefer doing their shopping and communication with a company online. Creating an SEO optimized site is also essential, as those searching for a specific item or service will be more likely to find your site if you enrich your company page with efficient and direct keywords.

With the aid of social media sites like YouTube and Facebook, you can efficiently communicate new products and concepts with your target demographic. The Internet has made engaging with your customers easier, and maintaining interactivity will allow your business to be transparent so that consumers will be more trusting and responsive to your brand.